Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Since the release of its latest e-bike, Lime has been tested in several cities, big and small , There are companies Begins to create Gen4 is available to US users. The first batch of new models arrived in Washington DC.

The biggest update at this point is an interchangeable It is interchangeable with Gen4 scooters, which will both save Lime money and strengthen durability, partially reducing the number of trips of Lime charging vans. The latest model has a more powerful motor than previous generations, an automatic dual-speed transmission, a phone holder and a refined handlebar display that matches Lime’s scooters. The company says the modular design will extend the usability of the Gen4 e-bike by up to five years.

Lime said last year that it would invest Gen 50 million in the Gen4 e-bike. The goal was to start the transformation to the latest model last summer. However, with the exception of a few small-scale pilots in the fall, these plans had to be put on hold due to supply chain problems.

The company plans to upgrade e-bikes in the cities it currently serves Gen4 and expand to more cities this year. Currently, 250 Gen4 e-bikes are available in Washington DC. Lime said It plans to replace its entire fleet of 2,500 e-bikes in the city with Gen4 by April. The new e-bike will hit more cities around the world this spring, including Atlanta and Charleston.

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