LinkedIn data scrapped from 500 million profiles leaked online: report

Reported 500 million profiles is indeed a very annoying Luke title article example, reassuring LinkedIn users Assures

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From personal information in less than a week Half-Billions of scraped Facebook profiles Was leaked In the digital underworld, there seems to be the largest professional network in the world Suffered the same consequences. It will appear that, like Facebook, about 500 million scraped LinkedIn profiles are now running Sold Id in the highest bidder on the Dark Web

This was the story Basically broken Earlier this week By Cyber ​​News, whose staff discovered huge, illegal caches during online research. LinkedIn has denied that its systems were compromised.

Information, which is known Being sold on a popular underground forum, it is said Included LinkedIn ID, full name, phone number, email address and gender as well as links to profiles and other related social media profiles. It does not seem to be included Account Certificate or Financial Information.

Hacker Asking for a “four-digit minimum price” for all information, but charging other offenders $ 2 to the forum’s credit for accessing the leaked samples is a way to validate the stash, Cyber ​​news report. The outlet mentioned that “It is not clear whether the threat actor LinkedIn profiles are selling up-to-date profiles or whether data has been taken or collected from previous violations damaged by LinkedIn or other entities.”

Reached via email, LinkedIn confirmed that it was investigating the matter: “While we are still investigating the matter, the information posted on the posted dataset appears to have been leaked in conjunction with data collected by other websites or organizations from LinkedIn,” Gizmodo said on Wednesday. A company spokesman said. “Scrapping our members’ data from LinkedIn violates our Terms of Service and we continue to work to protect our members and their data.”

The company was released on Thursday A public statement Regarding this incident, further clarifies that the data was a “sum” of data scraped from the site as well as other websites:

We sold a so-called set of LinkedIn data that was posted for sale and determined that it was actually aggregating data from several websites and organizations. This includes publicly viewed member profile data that appears to have been deleted from LinkedIn. This was not a LinkedIn data breach and no personal member account data from LinkedIn was included with what we were able to review.

If the alleged leak has not yet stimulated the interest of U.S. officials, other countries appear to be interested.

On Thursday, the Italian data protection authority, the country’s privacy watchdog, Announcement This will start looking into the matter. It has issued the following statement [as translated from Italian to English via Google]:

“Guarantor for the protection of personal information has launched an investigation against LinkedIn for violating social networking systems that have leaked user data … This information can be used for many illegal activities ranging from unwanted calls to data and messages to serious threats such as online scams or Identity theft or incidents such as so-called “SIM swaps, A technology that is used to infringe on certain types of online services that use mobile numbers as authentication systems. “

The incident is also obvious Being investigated In Hong Kong, Where the leak of the Office of the Private Privacy Commissioner (PCPD) of the private government was recently reported: In its initial response, LinkedIn indicated that it was investigating the matter. The PCPD also sent a letter of inquiry to LinkedIn for clarification, “said a spokesman for the company. An email

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

When involved leaks LinkedIn Not deeply personal Staff of nightmares of data breaches (e.g., social sSecurity numbers, financial information and the like) It is still very easy to capture and use bad actors for nefarious purposes You can use cyber news to check if your information has been compromised ”Data leak tester“Tools, which they recently updated to include some data from leaks.

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