Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

New year, new Chaotic mega technology exhibition. CES was this week, complete with all its usual shiny gizmos and flashy gadgets. It was a strange year for the technology conference. It was held privately and practically, and multiple presenters pulled at the last minute citing Covid concerns. Nevertheless, many companies were discouraged, and technical announcements continued unabated.


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Remotely covered wire CES, with a live tapping Gadget Lab Podcast This week, WIRED Senior Associate Review Editor Adrian Soe and Wired Review Editor Julian Chokkattu join us to talk about the best things we’ve seen at CES and what consumer technology trends will shape next year.

You can watch this session and our other live CES coverage IWIRED Twitter account. All foreigners see our Chronicle Gadgets at CES. Read our list Best of CES.

Julian Chokkattu can be found on TwitterJulian Chockde. That’s Adrian.adriennemso. Lauren Good Hall.Lauren Good. Michael Calorie.Snack fight. Bling to the main hotline at 8GadgetLab. The show is produced by Boon Ashworth.Buneshworth) This special live episode was produced by Jane Garcia Buhkos and Chris Kona. Our theme is by music Solar key.

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