Livestorm is a zoom option that you didn’t know you needed

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Video conferencing at work has become a routine thing in the last year and there is no reason to think that we will necessarily return to the office once things become normal. It is clear that a lot of work – especially white collars – can be done remotely just as effectively, and a lot of people are going to demand the right to be where they are. In other words: no matter how you feel about zoom meetings, they will become a bigger part of your professional life.

Or are they? Zoom is the most popular video conferencing tool but it is far from the only one Livestorm A stand-out option that is probably more than you might think of as this type of technology is capable.

What are the benefits of Livestorm? For one thing, no download is required – it works on all devices, including mobile, directly from the browser. Which slows down over time and eliminates the hassle of updating software and makes it so much easier for people of different locations to synchronize and get started. Even better, it integrates with the many existing platforms already in use, such as Salesforce, Slack and Hubspot. You don’t have to make room for Livestorm; In all likelihood, it fits your current workflow.

Although initially created as webinar software, Livestorm It has grown much more than that and many of its new features are instantly powerful and more effective than its initial purpose. Livestorm is ideal for meeting both internally and externally for its elegant and simple UI that lets you bring new people into apps just as easily as you can customize your own look. Want to confirm all your meetings with specific brands of your project or business? No problem: you can create your own registration pages and customize emails with a platform that lets you easily invite your peers directly into the design process. Also, it creates registration pages and sends reminders practically automatically.

But why? The easiest way for you to determine if Livestorm is right for you Try it for free.

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