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Locast Ordered to Pay চিত্র 32 million fine article image;  Does not exist again

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Its a disappointing ending Promise To provide free, legal broadcast streaming solutions to Americans who would otherwise lack television access, the over-the-air streaming service Locust has agreed to pay a fee. 32 million fine And according to a Thursday, the operation closed for good Court filing.

Founded in 2018 by David Goodfriend, an attorney who served as an assistant to the Clinton administration and legal adviser to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Locust worked under the fearless argument that it could avoid abuse of copyright law as long as it existed. A non-commercial entity. Even after the Supreme Court torpedoed Aereo একটি a similarly-formed startup that offered customers streaming content for a fee লোক Locust was adamant that its donation-based, free service was eligible for a legal exception to the secondary transmission of broadcast programming. Allows. Unless it is “created by a government agency, or other non-profit organization, without any purpose of direct or indirect commercial advantage.”

In a 2019 New York Times The article was literally titled “Locust, a free app streaming network TV, would like to sue,” Goodfriend said of the imperfection of Locust’s seemingly airtight legal strategy.

“We really did our homework,” he said. “We are working under parameters that are designed to comply with the law.”

Apparently accepting the challenge, Big Four Network-ABC, CBS, Fox, And NBC-filed a lawsuit six months after the article was published, alleging that Locust was “simply Ario 2.0” and that Was, In fact, it has used grants from visitors to its own commercial advantage বিশেষ especially to finance its expansion into new markets.

“Locust is not a public service dedicated to visitors whose reception is influenced by tall buildings. Or those who are not working for the benefit of Locast customers, who, according to Locast, ‘overpay,’ while promoting its so-called free service. Complaint The lawsuit was filed by Networks in federal court in New York in July 2019 “Not Robin Hood of Locust Television; Instead, Locust’s establishment, funding, and operations reveal its commercial objectives. “

In August 2021, a federal judge in New York effectively awarded a Fatal blow For Locust’s initial defense, his decision to side with the networks was that the streaming app actually fell out of that exception using grants to expand to 36 markets, eventually serving 55%. Of the US population. Following that decision, Locust suspended operations on the first of September – a moratorium that will now, sadly, become permanent.

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