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Metro Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick has been accused of presiding over a “settlement incitement” on Friday, as London authorities complied with its refusal to investigate Downing Street over lock-in parties.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey has urged Dick not to allow British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as number 10 has been forced to apologize to Queen Elizabeth for two staff parties in April last year held the night before the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip. The monarch sat alone during the service in accordance with Covid-19 regulations at the time.

Davey said it was “clear to everyone” that Johnson had violated the law on restraint rules: earlier this week the prime minister offered a partial apology to parliament after admitting he attended a “bring your own booze” party at Number 10 during a ban in May 2020.

“Cressida Dick should not be put together by a shady institution,” he said. “The Met commissioner may think it’s one rule for Boris Johnson and another rule for everyone else, but that does not make it right.”

The Met responded to questions by reiterating its previous position that it was in contact with the Cabinet Office, which is investigate in the parties led by senior civil servant Sue Gray. The force said if the investigation yielded any further evidence, it is would investigate.

Jamie Klingler, of Reclaim These Streets, near the tape stand in London where the guard for Sarah Everard was broken up by the police last year

Jamie Klingler, of Reclaim These Streets, near the tape stand in London where the guard for Sarah Everard was broken up by the police last year © Aaron Chown / PA

Asked about reports that staff had brought a suitcase full of wine for one of the parties in Downing Street last April and whether officers were aware, the authority said they were not discussing protective security arrangements at government buildings.

Dal Babu, a former senior Met official who performed security duties at Downing Street earlier in his career, said the force found itself in a “real mess” over the apparent violations.

“I think the police made a decision not to investigate right at the beginning,” Babu said, referring to when the first reports of Downing Street parties violating the restraining regulations appeared in November. “I would think they would have consulted with senior politicians about it, and I think it was a mistake because it has now become the story.”

A protester is arrested by Met officers during last year's guard for murder victim Sarah Everard

A protester is arrested by Met officers during last year’s vigil for murder victim Sarah Everard © IKristian Buus / In Pictures / Getty Images

The position has Jamie Klingler, organizer of a Recycle these streets guard last year at London’s Clapham Common. The incident was broken up by the Met, which made four arrests because the power said it violated coronavirus restrictions.

The night vigil took place on March 13 last year, a month before the Downing Street parties on April 16, and was held to commemorate Sarah Everard, who was abducted, raped and killed by Wayne Couzens, then a serving Met officer.

“Anger and rage are not starting to convey my feelings about the hypocrisy of the Met, which does not serve the women of London,” Klingler said.

The Met refused to investigate reports from at least six separate parties at Downing Street – one in May 2020, two in November 2020, one in December 2020 and the other last April – on the grounds that it would not normally investigate breaches of coronavirus rules. not. retroactive.

The power is already under intense scrutiny about his culture and attitudes after Everard’s murder and a series of failed investigations.

Kieron McArdle

Kieron McArdle, who was fined for a lock-in offense last year, said he was ‘angry and frustrated’ about the Met’s position © Sky News

Kieron McArdle, who was fined in March last year after two friends surprised him on his birthday to come and drink with him in his garden, said he was also “angry and frustrated” about the Met’s position.

McArdle and his friends each faced a £ 200 fine, reduced to £ 100 each for quick payment, over the incident, in Coleshill, Warwickshire.

McArdle said he and his friends accepted what they were doing was wrong, paid the fines and thought nothing of the matter until revelations about the Downing Street parties began to appear.

“The Met police basically keep doors open for them and carry liquor vans for them,” McArdle said. “They are as complete in it as the politicians.”

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