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ডমিনিক মোনাগান এবং বিলি বয়ড একটি নতুন পডকাস্টের জন্য দল বেঁধে চলেছেন।

Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd are teaming up for a new podcast.
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These days Everyone has a podcast, Then why aren’t two hobbits talking about life in the middleEarth? That’s it With exactly what is happening Friendship OnionWhich Actors Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd will talk about everything Pop culture-And In particular, the franchise that brought them together, Lord of the Rings.

“I’m compelled to make one glamorous comment here regarding the podcast delivery and I’m doing it together. This is proving difficult because Billy kidnapped me and held me for 44 bananas. Please send bananas, ”said Monaghan Deadline, Which broke the news.

“Dom is a bit of an inspiration, it’s true, but this podcast will be a rock. He’s such a joker, you have to love Dom. Yeah.” But you also have to love bananas, so … Yes, send bananas, ”Boyd added.

Produced by Cast Media, the podcast will debut on all podcast platforms, including the May 18 spot.ify, and there will be a video element on YouTube as well. Here is a short teaser trailer.

Now, you can tell by that clip (And that ThE is not called a podcast Lord of the Rings Something “) True that Mongan played Mary and played Pippin in the Bald epic, Oscar-winning trilogy Only The subject of discussion. According to the deadline, the show will “bring banners, stories and jokes to the podcasting space, digging into the latest in pop culture each week, keeping fans’ Lord of the Rings Test knowledge, exclusive storytelling from filming and even dazzling drop-ins from famous faces are welcome “

Paging Elijah Wood and Sean Austin.

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