Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

After a while Five years of work, The Lucid Air Eventually the customers are close to reaching the garage. Lucid Motors says it has The beginning Expect to produce luxury EVs and deliver the first Dream version model by the end of October. There will only be 520 Dream Units (conveniently a match for cars Approximate range 520 miles). However, Lucid will not hurt for early customers. Even if some of the 13,000 reservation holders are committed to buying something, this is a significant volume for a high quality car of a relatively new brand.

These numbers could rise further. The newborn carmaker is planning a rapid expansion that will add about 65 acres (2.85 million square feet) to the Ariza plant’s Casa Grand. This may require additional output. Lucid plans to mass-produce its first SUV, the Gravity, in 2023, and electric SUVs have recently arrived. In high demand.

Air starts at $ 77,400. In addition to its potential Tesla-beating range, it promises rare gifts Dolby Atmos Audio, Very fast charging (20 minutes for 300 miles) and a 34-inch cockpit display.

There is no guarantee that Lucid will succeed when competing against Tesla, Rivian And rapid electrification Current car brand. While its strategy is familiar to Tesla fans (its first truly large-sized EV was also a luxury sedan), the Lucid is entering a much more established market with competitors with considerable wealth and name recognition. That said, just producing it is a significant achievement. EV likes startups Faraday’s future And Lordstown Motors Lucid is still struggling to get to that point with significant leadership over some of his main rivals.

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