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Apple has changed a lot in its product line over the last two years or so and it seems to be taking the right steps here. Company Just report its results For the quarter ended Sept. 30, and Apple earned 29 percent more than a year earlier – $ 83.4 billion to keep track.

As usual, the iPhone shows the way. IPhone sales accounted for about 47 percent of Apple’s total revenue, and revenue of the $ 38.9 billion iPhone grew 47 percent year-over-year. It should be noted, however, that last year, the iPhone 12 series was delayed and did not sell until October (or November, in the case of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max). This year, in mid-September, four iPhone 13 models were sold simultaneously. Although it’s only a few weeks into the quarter, it probably helped that huge increase.

The iPad also had a strong quarter. Although $ 8.25 billion in revenue makes it the smallest of Apple’s five major product segments (iPhone, iPad, Mac, services and “wearable, home, and accessories”), the iPad segment grew 21 percent year-over-year. The Mac, on the other hand, was flat – $ 9.2 billion revenue grew just two percent – but that was enough for Apple to say that it was the all-time high for the Mac.

Apple’s service business has been growing steadily for several years, so it’s no surprise that revenue for the quarter was সর্ব 18.3 billion, the highest ever. But for the Mac, it’s interesting to see that it hits without high-water marks New MacBook Pro model To help remove the needle in the market. Now that the new MacBook Pro has been released, it’s like seeing how the next quarter will affect Mac revenue overall.

The wearable, home and accessories group also grew in strong but spectacular fashion (more than 12 percent). But like the Mac, the next quarter could be huge for that division – new Apple Watch Series 7 And Third generation airpods It’s easy to imagine that just sold out and that the products are having a big impact.

As usual, Apple is making a call with investors at 5PM ET, and we’ll be listening to see if CEO Tim Cook has anything significant to share this quarter.

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