Manchester City were crowned Premier League champions Football

City won their third league title in four years after losing to Manchester United at home to Leicester.

Manchester City have confirmed they will win the Premier League for the third time in four seasons after a 2-1 defeat to Leicester at home to Manchester United on Tuesday.

City missed a chance to win their third league title under Pep Guardiola on Saturday when a penalty from Sergio Aguero was costly as Chelsea trailed 2-1 at the Ejihad Stadium.

United needed a win to delay the celebration again, but one side showing ten changes did not see Fox, who led early through a fine volley from teenager Luke Thomas, which Mason Greenwood ended up scoring.

Kagler Soenku headed in a corner in the middle of the second half to secure all three points.

United face Liverpool on Thursday, their third game in five days [Peter Powell/Reuters]

The result cleared Manchester City United 10 points left for just two games

United face Liverpool on Thursday, their third game in five days.

City’s win was their seventh league title.

Liverpool and West Ham, with teams battling Leicester for automatic Champions League qualifiers, will be unhappy with the selection of Salzczar’s team to get a smoother ride to their rivals Old Trafford than the likes of Bruno Fernandez, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba. Start on the bench.

Fifth-placed West Ham must win the final three matches and Leicester are hoping to fall behind in their remaining matches against Chelsea and Tottenham.

Sixth-placed Liverpool could have had more great shots as the outgoing champions have four games left.

If Liverpool can win all this, Leicester will probably have to pick up four points against Chelsea and Tottenham.

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