Manchester United fans stormed the stadium in protest of the owners, Football News reported

The anti-glare movement gained momentum after the club’s failed attempt to join the Brexito Super League.

Manchester United’s Premier League game against Liverpool was postponed on Sunday after thousands of fans gathered outside Old Trafford to demand ownership of the Glazer family and leave the stadium and pitch.

The long-running feud against the American owners has erupted after United became part of a failed attempt to reach the European Super League in Brexit.

Players from United and Liverpool could not travel to the stadium.

“Following discussions between the police, the Premier League, Trafford Council and clubs, our match against Liverpool has been postponed today due to safety and security considerations surrounding the protest,” United said in a statement. “A revised date for fixing will now be discussed with the Premier League.

“Our fans are passionate about Manchester United, and we fully recognize the right to freedom of expression and peaceful protest. However, we apologize for the inconvenience and activities of the team that endangered other fans, staff and police. We thank the police for their assistance and will assist them in any further investigations. “

Glazers, who also owns the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has refused to engage with fans since he bought United in 2005, a heavy debt burden on the club.

“Get out of our club”, the fans shouted as they lit the fire. “We want to get the glazers out.”

Fans are currently unable to take part in the games due to the epidemic, but they found a way to enter the stadium. They also climbed to the vantage point next to the walkway entrance.

Supporters wore green and gold scarves and also spread flames in the colors of the club’s 1878 formation. More than 100 fans went inside the stadium and some were seen aving from the windows towards the protesters. Corner flags were hoisted and a supporter was seen throwing a tripod from the interview area.

Police on horseback from the opposing fans outside the stadium was cleared, a clash of glass bottles were thrown. Police made a line to prevent some fans from returning to a main street near the stadium.

Manchester City could have won the Premier League if United had lost the planned game. United are record 20-time English champions but have not won the trophy since 2013

The anti-Glazer movement has gained momentum in recent weeks after the club’s failed attempt to become part of A Separation European Super League Last month.

United and Liverpool were among the six Premier League clubs trying to compete, along with three clubs from Spain and Italy. Widespread opposition quickly ended the project with all six English teams scattered backing up within 48 hours of the announcement.

United owner Joel Glazer, nominated as vice-chairman of the European Super League at the time of the announcement, apologized in an open letter to fans after he withdrew from the project.

However, the apology appears to have been rejected by the club’s supporter base, who protested outside Old Trafford last week, following a protest at United’s training ground.

Sunday’s pitch attack came after protests outside the Lori Hotel, where the United squad traditionally spends the night preparing for the games before a home match.

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