Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Disney said Dumb Fate Book It will premiere this December, and it is doing well in its promise – if only. There are media giants Published That Mandlorian The spin off will start on December 2nd Disney +. The art with the release date doesn’t look too much, but you can assume the dumb fat fools won’t suffer lightly. (Warning: Light Mandlorian in front of the spoliers.)

Soon after the series ends, Boba Fate and his mercenary ally Fenek follow Sand Mandlorian The second season, when the pair return to the tattoo and claim the former territory of Jabba Hot. Temura Morrison and Ming-na Wen will re-establish their respective roles. Producers from previous shows have been managing this latest project, including John Favreau, Robert Rodriguez and Kathleen Kennedy.

It will not satisfy the fans Mandlorian season three, which will be Only comes later Dumb fat. It gives fans another Star Wars fixes At least before the end of 2021, and it ensures that there will be another big Disney + show for you to watch after you finish Hakai.

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