Mark Rutte of the Netherlands has planned the latest great escape

This month, Mark Rutte’s 11-year term as Dutch prime minister has come to a head An insulting ending.

The veteran leader, who had apparently mastered the art of handling government crises, suddenly saw the bizarre situation. “Scandalous” What’s even more surprising is that this seemed trivial, along with other career-threatening incidents. “Teflon Mark“Survived.

Lawmakers have accused the coalition of lying to discuss possible appointments to a prominent conservative critic of the government after the March election. Root repeatedly rejected the suggestion – but his claim was later opposed by an official statement from the coalition talks.

For the first time in his long career, opposition forces and former allies surrounded the route and smelled blood. They were accused of deliberately misleading parliament and the public. When asked by reporters, he lied about the incident.

All political parties, with the exception of Ruth’s right-wing Freedom and Democracy Party (VVD), voted against the censorship proposal. This seemed to be a serious blow to his hopes of leading the next government in the country.

In recent days, however, the route has mounted a quiet return suitable for the Easter period. With the resumption of coalition talks, he remains the country’s caretaker leader. There is a new “informant” at the center of the discussion to find the numbers for the administrative majority – with or without root.

Injured, the prime minister still could not count as opposition leaders began to punch them. Researchers have found it difficult to partially eliminate the survivor because there is no clear candidate who will replace him or his party.

Liberal Democrats D66 Surprisingly strong in the election, he won second place, but leader Sigrid Kag will fight to form a parliamentary majority through the Left Alliance, which does not include Rutt’s VVD.

Conservative leader Wapke Hoekstraw Coronvirus has made a consensual noise about the need for political stability in emergencies. It’s so far -9 year old informant Rutton’s former allies will test the solution and Herman Tijenk Willink will decide if they have a real appetite for change.

“Ruth has a great talent and she needs to be in power,” wrote Tune van de Cuquen. Volscrant, Describing the Prime Minister as the country’s top “populist”.

“His mesmerized people have gifts so that they see no future without a great leader.”

Chart of the day: US SPAC attack

European companies are getting an “insanity” of offers from US-based special purpose achievement companies. Spack’s craze has raised 55.2bn this year and Europe is playing catch-up to prevent its company from being listed in the United States, with Amsterdam Spec hub of Europe. (Chart via FT)

Across Europe

Christian Democratic Union Party Chairman Armin Lashett, left and Markia White, Bavarian Prime Minister © Getty Images

  • A line of battle has been drawn between German conservatives ahead of the September federal election. The ruling party is the executive branch of the Christian Democratic Union Armin has chosen Lashett On Monday, the CDU’s leadership struggled with the Bavarian sister team as its preferred candidate for the chancellor, backing its popular leader Marcus Sader. (The world) While the Conservatives are fighting for the right to inheritance, the parties on the extreme left and right are also setting up their electoral stalls. Southzerman magazine The report on how much Left Dye Link is campaigning for a radical expansion of the welfare state, cutting the minimum wage per hour and swinging in the defense budget. The title of Germany’s final-right option Further to the right, Emphasis on loose gun laws and limited family reunification rights for refugees and immigrants.

  • Gideon Rochman sued For the fragile opposition of the European Union, whose critics mistakenly believe that its “unique and often surprising political structure has made it particularly vulnerable to collapse”.

  • According to the bumper of an article in the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the world economy must transform into an era of epidemics. International cooperation needs to be significantly enhanced to mitigate the long-term effects of the country’s current epidemic and to avoid the worst-case scenario in the future, it argues. Proposed priority areas include vaccine rollouts and universal Internet coverage. You can read all 12 research papers Here.

  • Czech Foreign Minister Thomas Petricek has been fired following a failed bid to lead the Social Democratic Party, a member of his country’s minority ruling coalition, due to elections this autumn. Petraeus called his removal a “political decision,” as part of a series of clashes with President Milos Zemen over Western views and Russia’s influence in the country. (Bloomberg)

Coming today

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her European Council counterpart Charles Michel are scheduled to attend a closed-door meeting of leaders of political groups in the European Parliament this afternoon to discuss their protests.Receivable”Went to Ankara last week.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are in Brussels for a two-day visit on Tuesday. The pair will meet with NATO member states to discuss security, and Blinken will also hold bilateral and multilateral talks with European allies.; Register

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