Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Less than a year after launch Mode II, Its first true wireless earbud, Marshall is expanding its lineup of new Bluetooth headphones to include two new true wireless models: the Motif ANC and the Minor III. As you can probably guess from the name, the former includes active word cancellation, a feature you won’t find in Marshall’s Mode II earbuds.


With the launch of the ANC, the company claims that you can get four and a half hours of play time from the Motif ANC earbuds on a single charge and an additional 20 hours of battery life from the included charging case. The ANC feature is fully customizable, allowing you to set your own sound resistance and clarity. Other notable features include IPX5 moisture protection, support for wireless charging, dual microphones for calls and touch control.

Marshall Minor III


The Marshall Minor III is positioned as a no-frills pair of headphones. They have custom-tuned 12mm drivers to provide the company’s signature sound, in addition to touch control, IPX 4-certified water resistance and an open feature for all-day comfort. On a single charge, you can expect five hours of play time from earbuds and an additional 20, a total of 25 hours with the included charging case. You can recharge the case using a USB-C cable or by placing it on a Qi-compatible charging pad.

Motif ANC earbuds are available for pre-order from Marhasal’s website today, general availability will follow September0. They cost $ 199, € 199 or £ 180. For Minor III earbuds, you can buy them today for 129, € 129 or £ 119.

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