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Spider-Man trembles in pain while the comic cover is covered in hundreds of spiders.

Brother, I know you’re Spider-Man, but it’s just a lot of spiders. (Amazing Spider-Man # 86 cover by Arthur Adams)
Pictures: Marvel

Peter Parker was A famous rough life, But if he is easier than his clone Ben Riley, It’s just because Ben wasn’t nearly as long. Since he gained fame during the period Clone Saga In the mid-90s, he died, has been Resurrected, tortured, murdered, Resurrected, tortured, again, wash away, repeat. He has finally found some luck Rebuilding the Spider-Man mantle, But that fate seems to have already ended.

First, a little background: Ben Reilly has literally been Spider-Man for less than a week. He started Amazing Spider-Man # 75, Which was published as the beginning of the October 1 Be-issue “Beyond” story arc. Peter sat in the superhero BJ for a while because he was exposed to radioactive gas by U-Foes and is currently ill and dying. But Ben isn’t just filling his spider-bag; He has been hired behind Beyond Corporation (fun-loving, multi-dimensional animal) The next wave, I am absolutely glad to know that they are now a formal part of the main sequel to Marvel) Spidey because they now own the protagonist’s trademark because comics.

Apparently Ben has three months before going to hell Amazing Spider-Man # 85According to Marvel:

Amazing Spider-Man # 85 cover by Arthur Adams.

Amazing Spider-Man # 85 Arthur Adams cover.
Pictures: Marvel

“Peter Parker may be out of commission, but fortunately Ben Reilly isn’t able to take his place. Equipped with Beyond Corporation’s gadgets and technology, Reilly has everything he needs to be a super Spider-Man, but in the end Spider-Man’s most formidable enemy-doctor. He will complete his match in a devastating battle against the octopus!

“It simply came to our notice then Amazing Spider-Man # 85 By author Cody Ziegler and artist Paco Medina. It’s going to take everything for Ben Riley and the company that supports him to stop Auto Octavius. But, in Mary Marvel fashion (and like all respectable spider-stories), even if Spider-Man wins, she’s going to lose. And he’s going to lose big.

“Amazing Spider-Man # 86 After the war will be tackled by writer Jeb Wells and artist Michael Dowling and will be a comic that fans will remember for years to come. Ben Reilly has been shaken, and so will you.

“And find out if Peter Parker can go ahead and be Spider-Man again Amazing Spider-Man # 87 Authors Jade McKay and Carlos Gomez. With NYC Doc Oak’s attack and Ben Riley’s possible retreat, it remains to be seen whether Captain America and the Black Cats will be ready for Peter Parker to step in again. You may think you know where this story is going, but you don’t.

Amazing Spider-Man # 87 cover by Arthur Adams.

Amazing Spider-Man # 87 Arthur Adams cover.
Pictures: Marvel

What will happen to Ben এবং and it is highly reasonable that he will die again এটি is clearly going to confuse him so badly that Cap and Black Cat think that perhaps the critically ill Peter Parker is a more effective spider-alternative. But that’s just Riley’s life.

Amazing Spider-Man # 85 Coming out January 12th, the next issues are coming weekly.

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