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Rogers: Actors dressed as Avengers on stage during The Musical, as seen in Disney + Series Hockey.

Its cast Rogers: The Musical In the middle of a performance.
Pictures: Disney + / Marvel

Although Marvel will never survive a tire fire Spider-Man: Stop the darkness, The idea of ​​superheroes singing and dancing on stage is obviously something that the creative team behind Of Disney + Hockey There is Wanted to realize for a while, and they got it right in the new series But where Stop the darkness Took himself a little too seriously, HockeySplash Rogers: The Musical This is an over-the-top nightmare that apparently exists as the answer to the MCU Hamilton.

In the first episode, “Never Meet Your Heroes, Clint Burton (Jeremy Rainer) spends a small vacation with his children around New York City, and when there are so many interesting things to do, the ancestral Avengers decide to take them all to an exhibition. Rogers: The Musical. Although the musical is shown briefly in the episode before the story progresses, it shows you Enough to give you an idea of ​​what kind of shows Clint and other theater sponsors have signed up for. While the rest of the audience gently jazzed out watching Musical Captain America (Tom Finney) and Musical Black Widow (Megan Manning) sing and dance, PTSD and grief are not overwhelmed by the New York war turning into entertainment for Clint. You have to come out of the theater.

Clint Leaving the theater, you don’t actually get to hear the whole song sung on stage during the episode, but Marvel has just uploaded a complete “Save the City”, since people Clearly There has been clamoring for the whole track.

In the context of Hockey, Rogers: The Musical A rather interesting reflection of how the people of today are-In the wake of Thanos’ defeat at the end of the day, MCU is working to get them back to “normal” life Last game. There are some particularly weird and almost unhealthy-feeling HockeyThere seems to be no problem in getting back to the monotonous rhythm of life and this could be one of the biggest problems as the Clint Burton series continues.

The first two episodes Hockey Is Now streaming on Disney +.

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