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What if the animated Ultron at his Vision Body is opening his armor to reveal his red eyes and mind stone.

Ultron leads an army of his drones into battle.
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What ifIts the first season Marvel Studios has been given the opportunity to rethink many of its live-actions, The biggest hit of the movie Relatively fresh animated story that mostly reminds you why You made the original choice. The series has done well as a celebration of studio box office success over the past decade, but in its final episodes, the series has doubled among Marvel’s less favorite team-up events.

Although Jose Wadden Avengers: Age of Ultron A number is established Important character Who went on to shape the current MCU, the film please is not memorable. The story of James Spader’s Ultron in particular – in part because of how badly it worked for all of his players. Which was always the most frustrating Age of Ultron That’s not how it actually was Live up to glory And the gravity of its title, and how the ending of the movie had little hope for the future of his signature villain. But when one looks back and sees only despair, What ifIts creative team has seen the opportunity to create one of its most interesting entries so far.

The film gave MCU an age-worthy Ultron for the article titled What Will Happen in the End

Pictures: Disney + / Marvel

“What if … Ultron won? “Marvel’s various comic books Avengers of the Universe will never mock the experience of living through that first stage, but it’s a fortune that none of the MCU heroes have had to consider so far. And Hockey (Jeremy Rainer) seems to be the last survivor of a controlled world Ultron (Ross Marquand), What if Briefly acknowledges that a A few multiversal branches The bitter, horrible consequences we have seen so far have met. Two night dreams (And abrupt) The way some episodes were closed was a feature of Marvel What if Comics, but initially it wasn’t clear if the show was trying to emulate that style, or if the animation team was still finding the rhythm and melody of the series.

The last episode establishes it What ifMoments of spotlighting how insanity can lead to countless losses have all been deliberately placed throughout the season to emphasize how things can always get much worse. Ultron of this universe successfully transfers his consciousness to a synthesized body that might otherwise be Vision, the Avengers were helpless to prevent the rogue AI from conquering the world and wiping out most of humanity. Because Prime Ultron was a version of Unit-Vision equipped with Ultron-like armor এবং and its drone force Being able to bring out a whole team of heroes with real superpowers, it’s a mystery how many athletes there are, but still most “normal” people like Natasha Romanoff and Clint Burton The robot has survived the mystery.

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Considering how much of Age of Ultron’s ideas are present in this episode, it’s notable how neither of the Maximoff twins ever make appearances despite their cinematic counterparts’ connections to Hawkeye and Ultron. The Maximoffs’ absence works to the episode’s benefit, though, as its story is primarily focused on serving up a blend of action set pieces and quieter moments where Ultron’s able to shine in a narrative meant to remind you that he’s one of the Avengers’ all-time great villains. From his twisted, misguided perspective, simultaneously launching all of the world’s nuclear missiles was a personal win that brought him one step closer to reaching his ultimate goal of protecting all life from itself by destroying it.

One of the darkly humorous recurring ideas that’s become more prominent in What If’s more recent episodes is how each of these alternate universe’s catastrophic events seem to butt up against each other as if they’re happening at an accelerated rate. What If has touched on Thanos’ presence in the universe previously in ways that really only gestured towards what sort of threat he was in the Sacred Timeline. Compared to Or Zombie Thanos, The variation of this episode of Mad Titan can’t do much after showing off on-screen moments after dropping the atomic hammer on the planet Ultron. Even with the other five Infinity Stones already in his possession, the push to find Mindstone on a planet full of homicidal robots is so disorienting for Thanos that he can’t react fast enough to stop Ultron from cutting in half. A laser beam.

Mindstone’s natural fondness for other stones compels Ultron to include them in their chassis, and he quickly realizes that he can use his combined strength to build his army out of thin air. Although the story here does not depend on “age”, it goes far beyond the MCU. Age of Ultron, Which comics whose name it can not share. Once Ultron and his army take it into space, they easily determine the path for Asgard and destroy it using a fraction of their energy. With Infinity Stones united and working as part of a sophisticated killing machine, more worlds and civilizations begin to fall because there is no one strong enough to fight the villains.

The film gave MCU an age-worthy Ultron for the article titled What Will Happen in the End

Pictures: Disney + / Marvel

That way What if‘Captain Marvel’ acts as a ringer in a handful of episodes, showing at the last minute to save the day, highlighting how little work MCU has done to give Carol Danvers the right personality. Ultron’s battle against the space-destroying hero is one of the highlights of this episode and another proof of that. Captain Marvel’s power level. But What if Don’t think what to do with him outside of showing him some great things he can do before Ultron destroys him in a huge light.

Where Carol and Ultron’s exchange was much desired, the script for this episode gave both Bell’s widow and Jeffrey Wright’s watchman the opportunity to deliver some of the best performances of the season. Deadly, the jockey tries to catch the optimistic widow when she and Hockey Ultron stop the drones while looking for an analog weapon to defeat her. The power of character EndgameThe way the two shield agents become separated as the episode progresses. But to understand how hockey in this universe ends up sacrificing itself to save a black widow, you have to look back at something. What ifIts early episodes.

Throughout this season, The Watchman has repeatedly explained how he swore not to be directly involved in multiverse events, even though he did. Can If he chooses to do so. What if It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Inside “What if … Dr. Strange lost his heart Instead of his handThe whole universe is destroyed by destruction. He tries to use very dark magic at once for Strange’s crystal prison. Before things get too bad, there’s a moment where the watchman looks on as a weird tinker with a supernatural being and reveals to the Almighty how the magician’s path was wrong. Probably because of all his ill powers, Strange was able to briefly perceive the presence of a guard from behind the veil, although the two creatures stopped making actual contact with each other.

The guard gets Lots Black Widow and Hockey are close to telling where to look for a long lost computer in a Hydra bunker where after the survival of Arnim Zola’s consciousness they realize that Zola’s mind can be used against weapons and ultras. The Guardian doesn’t end it all spellbound for the heroes of this episode, but when he catches a glimpse of her across the infinite-powered Ultron Multiverse, he is inspired to explain himself. With What if Made as a watchman The ultimate MCU fanboy, It was also a matter of time until he himself became an active player, but the situation in which he finds himself is far from what he expected.

The film gave MCU an age-worthy Ultron for the article titled What Will Happen in the End

Pictures: Disney + / Marvel

While the Infinity Stones are glossy McGaffins that give their owners the ability to make their dreams come true, the way they are portrayed in most Marvel movies and shows has been a bit simplistic. “What if Ultron wins?” Be aware that by now you know what individual stones are, and so it is rather wild and imaginative to depict its ultras using them in concert with each other. After the guard quickly tries to hide from the Ultron, the machine makes maximum use of it. Improved senses to identify the watchman outside of space and time, and literally the watchman spends his day anywhere in his path.

As the Guardian and the Duke of Ultron it will create a battle that A kind of BangachitraIts Z-fighters proud, widow, hockey and Zola consciousness work together to prevent Ultron drones and Clint realizes he has to make a choice. The Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a much more interesting place, though, if Natasha Romanoff survives Endgame Canon, and Scarlett Johansson Other things are going on. What makes Clint’s decision to sacrifice himself to save the play from Ultron’s swarm is not so dynamic as what he himself does, but how emotionally destructive it is for the play. It makes you wish to spend more time with these versions of almost all of those characters.

Like Endgame, This kind of sacrifice does not end the suffering – it alleviates it for the time being. “What if … Ultron won? “It ends up reaching its hopeful base as Ultron comes close to killing Watcher before teleporting himself in a state of panic. There’s no real sense of coming from the fourth episode of Dark Doctor Strange because the watchman returns to that illusory universe and can’t wander anywhere else. A clear picture of that hope and larger story What ifBuilt. We always knew that Something Watcher was going to lead a team of multi-versal Avengers to deal with a formidable threat, but now the size of that threat has become clear. It looks like the most powerful heroes of Multiverse may have to fight the defamatory robots of the entire planet (and perhaps a Super zombie As well What ifOf Season One Final, Which … The more you think about it, the more exciting it sounds.

What if Next Wednesday, October 6 Disney + hits in the Season One final.

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