Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Eternals Sersi and Ikaris Phastos and her husband are standing outside the house while their child is looking excitedly.

Now that’s more semi-based hero choice Shang-chi And Black widow Got their solo film, it EternityTime to shine. New batch of cosmic monsters make their debut on the way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Within a month From director Chloé Zhao, which means now is the time to start advertising. Surprisingly, the biggest takeaway from this spot is that it actually shows footage of it The first strange couple In the MCU movie, something that seemed impossible for the 13-year-old mega franchise until Tessa Thompson returned Other Thor Movies.

Most of the footage in the promo is something we’ve seen before, like Leah McHugh’s Sprite fascinates people with fireworks. But there are some new interesting rugs for investment, such as the first appearance of the husband of Fastos (Brian Tyri Henry), played by Hayas Sleiman. And they got a child together! How far have we come across our blooming, weird fingers in the hope that every year there will be a random Marvel movie that allows us to corporate Strange representative. Oh, and Kit Harrington continues there as Dan Whitman, the guy who will eventually be the Black Knight, but Marvel Really hope You don’t think about it.

Watching the next MCU movie, the Eternal decides to join the fight to save the planet Irresponsibly long time Just sit next to it. What suddenly happened to the universe after the massive population revival Avengers: Endgame, The earth is in danger of extinction again. So this is not the first Marvel movie to rush the band together to stop the Deviant and save the world. As everyone has said, Marvel Studios usually looks exactly like how they market their movies. It’s not the sadness or surprise that the recent trailer has done, but the fact that the event is made with splash action, as the team prepares to fight the deviant beasts or prepare to fight the volcano. There is no clue as to what it is, but we are sure to find out when Eternity Comes Exclusively in theaters November 5.

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