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Mattel Wanted Its Remote Workers To Be OK With Regular Surprise Visits From The Boss

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Toy maker Mattel has removed the language From a remote work description for the American Girl brand it is said that 7 has been selected Employees will be subject to “periodic unplanned inspections” from supervisors during work shifts. However, it was far from the only necessity that raised eyebrows and provoked anger Job posting.

Posting “Seasonal Customer Service Home Agents” who process customer orders over the phone, Has gained traction Inside Recent days Later Screenshot Offensive requirements have been shared on social media. In addition to the boss’s unplanned surprise visits, employees selected for the job must work in a closed-door area “without any confusion”, provide their own high-speed internet, and be free from “caring for others”.

Homes of brands such as Company, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price and Masters of the Universe, Its requirements are not detailed. For example, the closed-door work area must be free of “scattering or background noise (eg: pets, children, appliances, music or talking)., ”According to a Screenshot Job posting on Twitter. Mattel further stressed in the posting that selected employees must “focus on work” and not take care of people or pets.

“Freedom from other responsibilities – you must focus on work and not be responsible for taking care of others (children, adults, pets, etc.),” ​​the company wrote in the job description.

It turns out that Mattel didn’t get the memo that we’re currently living through a Extreme, An extreme situation that has sometimes been kept Children at home Over the course of a few months and has made more than 46 million Americans sick, some of whom have to stay home if they get sick.

Mattel confirmed to Gizmodo on Friday that the job description was authentic but clarified that it was removed in early October. The company said it has hired 250 seasonal employees for the role in 2021.

Mattel’s American Girl Division told Gizmodo It “prides itself on providing a supportive environment for employees and ensuring information security for our customers.” The data protection reference seems to explain the need for a closed door work field, but still does not explain why there can be no “distraction” or “background noise”. Perhaps the person who wrote the job posting never worked in the office.

“Our seasonal customer service home agent positions process customer orders, which requires those individuals to have access to a personal workplace to protect and maintain customer privacy,” said a company spokesperson. “While safety is an important part of this role, the job description no longer includes language about unplanned inspections, which has never been implemented.”

Although It’s good to know that while these highly aggressive amazing home visits haven’t been implemented in practice, the company still maintains its other stringent requirements. It’s amazing that Mattel was able to hire anyone for this role, leaving 250 alone. Because it is not what people want, it is Wanted robots like humans that have no need and no life.

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