McDonald’s has raised wages for U.S. workers in search of workers

McDonald’s is raising hourly wages for more than 3,500 of its employees in the United States in a bid to increase wages and other incentives in the fight to hire workers.

The fastfood burger chain said Thursday it would raise wages by an average of 10 percent for employees in restaurants owned by about 650 companies, and encourage owners and operators of its franchises, more than 95% of McDonald’s positions in the United States by more than 13,000.

Coronavirus-related closures are aimed at reopening dining rooms as well as hiring 10,000 new employees over the next three months.

Wage increases come as businesses throughout the U.S. war a Labor shortageEven after the epidemic-fuel crisis, millions of workers remain unemployed.

A record 7.1 million jobs were created in the United States at the end of March, as economic activity continued to decline amid declining coronavirus cases and increased vaccinations. But employers Only 266,000 new jobs have been added In April, a sharp recession from the previous month, which sparked a controversy in Washington Causes labor shortages, With some responsible increased federal unemployment benefits.

The fight to attract new employees has prompted some companies to offer higher salaries and other parks. The average hourly earnings rose 0.7 percent in April compared to the previous month, a sign of increasing upward pressure on rising labor demand, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Other large corporations such as AmazonWalmart and Costco have unveiled plans to raise wages after both labor shortages and pressure from some workers and lawyers to raise workers’ wages.

Amazon said on Thursday that it was hiring 75,000 people for its supply and supply network in the United States and Canada. These positions average more than ড 17 per hour and offer a starting salary of one $ 1000 signing bonus.

Burito Chain Chipotle, which expects to employ 20,000 U.S. workers, announced earlier this week that its average hourly wage would be raised to ১৫ 15 by the end of June. Dardon, the parent company of Olive Garden and Longhorn Stickerhouse, said in March that it would raise wages to at least 10 10 per hour, including tips, and bring its rate to 12 12 per hour by January 2023.

McDonald’s says it will increase its wages in the company-owned restaurants over the next few months. Entry level salaries for restaurant teams will increase by at least থেকে 11 to 17 17 per hour, and the starting range for shift managers will reach 15 15 to প্রতি 20 per hour.

“Together with our franchisees, we’ve faced a challenging rental environment and staying ahead means we must renew our commitment to deliver an industry-leading employment package on a regular basis,” Joe Arlinger, president of McDonald’s USA, wrote in a letter to staff.

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