Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

In Costa Rica, vultures eat raw chicken.

Some bees A pleasantly curved evolutionary twist has created a flavor for Carian. ThisVulture bees, as they are known, have unique intestinal germ properties that help them digest their flesh.

A The team of entomologists wants to know more about this pollen-avoidance Bees, Recently set up Costa Rican forest chicken bait. They Eventually a group of vultures collects bees (Trigona necrophaga) And has been analyzed Their courage and genetics in detail.

“These are the only bees in the world that have evolved to use plant-produced food sources, which is a remarkably significant change in eating habits,” said Doug Yanega, an entomologist. University of California, Riverside And a co-author of a recent research paper, at a university Press release.

Although there are common bees Pockets, vulture bees on their hind legs to store pollen as they fly from flower to flower According to study co-author Quinn McFrederick, an entomologist at UC Riverside, the stores have been restored as “small chicken baskets”.

BIn addition to the obvious external features, the team wanted to know what was going on inside the bees. Most bee intestines are occupied by five types Germs help animals break down what they eat. So what happens when a species exchanges pollen for a raw chicken Nectar for blood?

To understand, They Collected other bee species that only occasionally eat meat, as well Some who are strictly vegetarian, To compare the bacteria living in the intestines of insects. Carrier-The eater had courage A distinct microbiome, one Built for breaking meat.

“Vulture bees are rich in microbiome acid-loving bacteria, which are fancy bacteria that their relatives don’t have,” McFrederick said. “These bacteria, similar to those found in real vultures, as well as hyenas and other carion-feeders, probably help protect them from pathogens displayed on carriers.”

The group thinks the bees started eating meat, probably because of the nectar competition. Because whatever it is, you should be amazed at the new evolutionary trajectory of animals that has just been introduced. Let’s hope they don’t create insanity for humans..

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