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A man walks on the beach at sunset on July 16, 2007 on Marco Island, Florida

A man walks on the beach at sunset on July 16, 2007 on Marco Island, Florida
Pictures: Mark Serota (Getty Images)

A Bacterial infections have killed at least eight people So far this year in Florida, health officials have recently reported. A total of 20 people in the state have fallen ill with waterborne bacteria Vibrio vulnificus, A relative of cholera is infamously known for the occasional meat-eating infection.

Vibrio bacteria are found in abundance in the marine environment and salt water. Harmful species Including Vibrio, V. vulnificus, Usually we get sick when we eat naturally contaminated and undercooked seafood or drink water contaminated by the feces of other infected people, later it is a common problem in countries with poor sanitation. These infections cause gastrointestinal symptoms, especially diarrhea.

But V. vulnificus There are also unfortunate reasons Necrotizing fasciitis When it finds its way into open wounds: a rapidly spreading infection that begins to kill the skin and underlying muscles a day after exposure (hence the charming nickname for its “meat-eating disease”). The infection can then set up a potentially fatal immune response called sepsis Immediate treatment. Even with treatment, one in five dies, while survivors may be left with large scars or dismembered limbs.

There are many species of bacteria that can cause necrotizing fasciitis, but in Florida, V. vulnificus Although these two night dreams have been a very rare source of infection, they have persisted.

According to the Florida Department of Health, there are reported to be 20 people Contracted V. vulnificus In the state this year in early September. As a result, eight people died, the latest death being confirmed by Leon County officials on Friday. According to Outbreak News Today.

Wound infection from V. vulnificus It is considered the most common in the summer months, when more people are outdoors The swimming so meat eating season is about to end soon. That said, this is the highest death toll in Florida since 2018, with nine seen Death.

Necrotizing fasciitis is generally very rare. But some scientists Anxiety So that this infection can occur More common In the years to come, thanks in part to climate change. Warm water temperatures, sea levels, and frequent extreme weather events that lead to flooding are all risk factors that will probably reveal to us. V. vulnificus More often So, yes, some food for thought.

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