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Washington, DC - April 24: First Lady Melania Trump visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC on April 24, 2018.  President Donald Trump is hosting French President Emmanuel Macron on his first state visit.

Washington, DC – April 24: First Lady Melania Trump visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC on April 24, 2018. President Donald Trump is hosting French President Emmanuel Macron on his first state visit.
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Congratulations to some weird ones who got a great deal! Melania Trump ended up selling her silly hat for 30% less than her initial asking price after asking for payment in one of the many cryptocurrencies, as well as an NFT auction. Now upset Price.

Without her marriage to that man, the White House is horrible Christmas decorationsAnd time he says to wear a jacket “I don’t really care.” In an immigration detention center, Trump has had the most significant project in years “Be the best” InitiativeWhich you probably did Forgot Related. Lately, he has been trying to make a name for himself in cryptocurrency. Earlier this month, he auctioned off the “Head of State Collection 2022” featuring three items: an “iconic” wide-brimmed white hat he wore to meet French President Emmanuel Macron in 2018, a watercolor image of Mark wearing. -Antoin Cullen’s hat and a non-fungible token of watercolor (NFT) Hats you see, this was the auction level. Hats off Level. Perhaps out of interest from the crypto crowd, Trump chose to accept bids only in Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency.

Price to ask? About $ 250,000 in SOL, a token worth about $ 170 on the day of listing. The auction was not so heated. Solana developers as well as auction payment processors, MoonPay, Quickly take themselves away Names from the association, and the collection ended up receiving only five bids. Due to some technical glitches or other unknown reasons, the auction closed one day before Tuesday’s ad, According to the Washington PostAlthough the problem was fixed days later.

When the auction closed on Wednesday morning, there was SOL A token costs about $ 95. This put the closing price of the collection at about 170,000, or $ 80,000, below the initial asking price at the time of the transaction. To add some insult to injury, the first three bids were placed on January 10, when the price of SOL was high, and no one else offered until Wednesday morning, meaning that anyone who bought it must know how much they were asking to lower the price.

The post mentions that if the auction had started just a month ago, In December, This could be even better, since SOL is still growing. That month, Trump sold other NFTs featuring Cullen’s artwork A SOL for each Or about 150.

According to the auction website, “a portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to foster care children with access to computer science and technology education.” Trump will probably take the rest for himself and choose to move it to the dollar immediately or risk losing the pie.

“This is just proof that none of the cryptocurrency assets provide a good, stable enough way to make money,” Cornell University law professor Dan Aure told the Times. “It’s very unstable.”

Ex-first ladies cashing in on the value of their careers and names is not new at all — just look Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton And Michelle Obama Speaking Fees — But the post noted that Trump’s auctions were both quite unusual for violating the normal rules of decoration and because the first women usually donated their clothes to the Smithsonian Institution. A. Reportedly 2.9 million In a lawsuit filed with the Daily Mail alleging that she worked as an escort before marrying Donald Trump, the former First Lady noted the disadvantages in terms of the cost of her lucrative post-White House branding opportunity.

Myra Gutin, the first female scholar and author Fellow of the President: The first woman of the twentieth centuryTold the Post that many more modern first ladies “Of course their celebrities used to do good deeds” after their husbands left the office. For Trump’s auction, he said, “I’ll classify it [the auction] As a personal pursuit, vs. what can benefit the country. “

Gutin added about Trump, “She seems to be coming back to a life more enjoyable that she enjoyed when she was not the first woman, when she was in New York.” Source Told people Now he spends most of his time trying to monetize his “fashionable interests”.

Gizmodo reached out to Melania Trump’s office for a comment and didn’t get a response, but we’ll update this post if we hear back.

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