Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Melinda Gates has called on rich countries to stop coronavirus vaccines and how much is being done to protect developing countries from the scourge.

The U.S. sociologist told the Financial Times that developed countries should have their populations vaccinated only “at one stage” before providing more people in need.

“Tell your adolescent population you don’t need to be vaccinated by all means … before you send the vaccine dose,” Gates said in a pre-recorded interview with Rawla Khalaf, editor of the FT’s three-day global boardroom event.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate that low-income countries aren’t getting more shots,” Gates said. Some “can’t even vaccinate their healthcare workers”.

Kovacs, the mechanism needed to help the World Health Organization-supported poor countries use Covid-19 drugs, provided additional funding and আরও 2 billion to provide more vaccines, he said.

Although he acknowledged that leaders in the West were under domestic political pressure to protect their own citizens, Gates added that there was a practical and ethical issue for them in terms of supply grants.

“It benefits all of us to revive the global economy,” he said.

The former Microsoft executive added that the research and development of vaccines has been remarkably successful, with the global system “not working” and creating barriers to their creation.

“We need to produce in many more places in the world so that we can get it [the supply] Out and you don’t have this hoarding problem that we’re seeing right now. “

The interview was recorded before Melinda, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced that they were ending their marriage after 227 years.

The couple has significantly alleviated their estimated 12 4,124 billion fortune at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which seeks to increase healthcare and reduce poverty around the world.

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