Melinda Gates is not a fan of Bill’s Epstein connection

Melinda Gates warns not to surround the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has vehemently denied that he has ever been infamous. Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – You know, that guy The private jet and island compound that died in prison in 2019 was nothing more than before his testimony about who else was involved with his child sexual abuse ring Billionaire Coffer Milking For charity.

Despite Gates’ insistence He was not a friend of Epstein, it was revealed Via the New York Times Despite being convicted in 2003 of claiming to be a minor in Florida, Gates hung out with Epstein on “many occasions.” The most well-known information about him. The Times wrote that the hangouts included “staying at Mr. Epstein’s palace in Manhattan townhouse at least three times and at least once in the middle of the night.” The meetings, which began in 2011 and included Gates at one time, flew with Epstein on his jet, probably soon to upset others, including his ex-wife Melinda Gates, in a better trial.

A Daily Beast reports, Gates family associate Say Melinda read Epstein correctly for obscenity and was furious with her husband for hating around her. The matter came to mind after the previous unannounced meeting Gates and the pedophilic billionaire received the couple on the same day in September 2013 at Epstein’s Upper East Side Mansion. Lashkar-Bloomberg Public Service Award Pierre was at the hotel and Take pictures Along with then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Family friends called the app a “billing of the late Malina still” and talked about billing the site.

Bill and Melinda Announcing their impending divorce Earlier this week after 27 years of marriage. The Beast report found no indication that Epstein had a specific reason for the connection split, but one can speculate that it probably didn’t help. Melinda wrote in the divorce filing that they were married “Irresistibly broken” And that they have already become separated.

A person who attended the same event as Epstein, including the TED conference in California, told the site that they fully suspected that there was something closed about the billionaire and it was easy to see why Melinda would be fired:

The man, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Daily Beast on condition of anonymity: “Mentioning people in Epstein’s orbit who said they had no suspicion of Epstein’s torture. “If you ask Bill Gates, he’ll say, ‘Oh, I had no idea he wasn’t of the highest moral character.’ But I seriously questioned Epstein’s moral character. “

This person referred to Epstein as “the people around him” further stating that they had different spectra of what they knew and did not know and how they reasoned it. “

This man was not surprised that Melinda Gates was removed from Epstein, she said that “a lot of people felt uncomfortable with Epstein, her” was completely free from sexual misconduct. “He was just a weak man. He was talking about bad behavior, not paying attention to dinner… I could see how no one wanted to be around him without a doubt. “

The relationship between Bill and Epstein seems to have faded in 2014 When Gates gave the now-infamous $ 2 million grant to MIT Media Lab, then-director Joachim Ito claimed Epstein helped them. (Speakers for Gates) Denied Epstein “instructed no programmatic or personal donations for Bill Gates”; Ito Resigned in contempt In September, 2019, the full scope of his financial relationship with Epstein became public knowledge.) At the time, he began complaining to friends that, according to Beast, the then chairman of Microsoft was not returning his phone calls.

However, Epstein was a well-known social mountaineer who enjoyed being surrounded by celebrities. Technology and scienceProbably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. His ongoing crime, The Beast, reported that several Gates and Microsoft associates, including Melania Walker, a former Gates Foundation employee and Appstein science adviser, a biotech investor and former Gates adviser, had ties to Appstein. Boris Nicolিকk, Linda Stone, former vice president of Microsoft, and Nathan Myrvald, former chief technology officer of Microsoft.

A spokesman for Gates insisted that the email, which referred to Epstein’s fascinating life, referred to Epstein’s residence as a “unique decoration” Fair Kind of like sorting, And “Epstein’s habit of making spontaneous acquaintances to meet with Mr. Gates” which is probably not as reassuring as the idea of ​​these spokesmen.

Gates has done much more than just deny that he has ever been friends with Epstein. Coronavirus hinders global access to vaccines Pharmaceutical companies use his Covid-19 Act-Accelerator (the basis for research, production and distribution of vaccines) to relentlessly push for preservation. Intellectual property rights. He took LO there. Amid intense global criticism that IP concerns were reducing vaccine production and distribution around the world, Joe Biden’s administration Announced this week It will negotiate with the World Trade Organization to temporarily grant patent rights to the coronavirus vaccine.

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