Melinda Gates was called a divorce lawyer in 2012 after Bill’s relationship with Jeffrey Appstein of NY Times was revealed: WSJ

    In this February 1, 2019 file photo, Bill and Melinda Gates smile at each other during an interview in Washak's Kirkland.

In this February 1, 2019 file photo, Bill and Melinda Gates smile at each other during an interview in Washak’s Kirkland.
Pictures: Elaine Thompson (AP)

Melinda Gates began talking to divorce lawyers in October 2012 after the New York Times first published an interview with Bill Gates. According to The Report, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been convicted on multiple occasions. The Wall Street Journal. The rich couples’ timeline report sheds new light Divorce, Bill and Melinda announced a joint state last weekAbout postponing their divorce.

The New York Times first reported on a story on a date October 12, 2019 In 2011, Epstein and Gates stood next to each other at Epstein’s apartment, and Bill Gates met with Epstein with a photo. The 2011 meeting came three years after Epstein was convicted of two counts In Florida: “Prostitution Petition” and “One Count of Prostitution with a Minor Under 18” count

Bill and Melinda split last week over Bill’s relationship with Epstein, but despite the journal’s unnamed source, it hinted at the possibility of a news report for the first time.

From The Wall Street Journal:

According to people familiar with the matter and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Gates consulted with divorce lawyers about two years before he filed for divorce from Mr. Gates and said their marriage had “broken up uninterruptedly.”


The couple did not say what the divorce was. According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a former employee of the public and their charity, one source of concern for Mrs. Gates was her husband’s dealings with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

A 2012 Times report revealed that Bill visited Epstein’s Manhattan apartment at least three times during a “deep night” on at least one occasion. After the meetings were published in 2019, Gates said he was only meeting with Epstein about philanthropic work. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a huge nonprofit, although it’s not yet clear if shady pedophiles like Epstein will need help.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bill still maintains that he only met with Epstein for innocent reasons.

According to documents reviewed by the journal, Mrs. Gates and her advisers told the New York Times in October 2019 that Mr. Gates had met Mr. Epstein numerous times. The Times reported that Mr. Gates once stayed up late at night at Mr. Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse.

Bridget Arnold, a spokesman for Mr Gates, said the software was donated more than once by Mogul and Mr Epstein in 2014 to discuss human society. “Bill Gates has always regretted meeting with Epstein and acknowledged that it was a flaw in the judgment that was made,” Mrs Arnold said at the time.

A new report in the journal states that Epstein died in prison in August 2012. And when it comes to suicide, there is a lot of theory that rich and powerful people conspired to assassinate Epstein by persuading Macabre Mem, “Epstein did not commit suicide.”

Melinda herself met Epstein on one occasion back in 2013 The Daily Beast, And it was obviously when he knew something wasn’t right, though the Beast report gives plenty of wiggle room about what Bill knows.

The man, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Daily Beast on condition of anonymity: “If you ask Bill Gates, he’ll say, ‘Oh, I had no idea he wasn’t of the highest moral character.’ But I seriously questioned Epstein’s moral character. “

This person referred to Epstein as “the people around him” who further stated that they knew and did not know and that they had different spectra of how they reasoned it. “

This man was not surprised that Melinda Gates was removed from Epstein, she said that “a lot of people felt uncomfortable with Epstein, her” was completely free from sexual misconduct. “He was just a weak man. He was talking about bad behavior, not paying attention to dinner… I could see how no one wanted to be around him without a doubt. ”

What did Bill know and when did he know it? It still seems to be too much up in the air at the moment. But we now know Melinda was very quick to find Bill’s relationship with Epstein was immediately discussed by divorce lawyers over the phone. Whatever the bill Knew about Epstein, Melinda was obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation.

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