Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Mercedes is using the upcoming COP26 Climate Conference To highlight her EV effort – and show how durability can be more involved in battery power than a switch. Fresh Unveiling The Sustainer Delivery Van concept is completely electric, as you might guess, but it also improves the environment around it. Fine particle filters at the front and bottom purify the air around the van regardless of its speed. It even uses cast iron, ceramic-coated disc brakes that both reduce the amount of dust in the air and limit brake wear.

The roof of the sustainer also has solar panels to increase the range and reduce the need for plug-in charging (this sometimes contributes to CO2 emissions). It can give more power to the van or not, such as equipment and laptops Solar energy in electrified vehicles There is nothing new, But Mercedes clearly hopes that such an implementation will keep EVs as green as possible.

Other environmentally-conscious technologies include an energy-efficient heating system that is cut close to the body (including seatbelts) and a heavy use of recycled materials. The filler is made from household waste, the cab partition is made from natural straw and the underbody includes recycled polypropylene and used tires. Mercedes also reduces noise pollution for a quiet electric drivetrain, low rolling resistance tires and a quiet automatic delivery door.

Security is a concern as well. A camera monitors road conditions for sharing potholes and other hazard reports with the city, while digital mirrors typically provide a clearer field than what you get with a cargo van. A “biologically active” light alerts the driver by filling the cab with daylight-like illumination while maintaining a natural rhythm.

There is no mention of plans to mass-produce Sustainer. With that said, Mercedes insisted that all of Van’s technology was designed with large-scale production in mind. You can see it in other vans, not to mention other Mercedes vehicles. The company already has other green technologies on the horizon, such as sustainable repairs for EV batteries in 2022, and Sustaineer is finally a logical extension of those plans.

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