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Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick on Monday acknowledged the ‘serious level of public concern’ over the UK’s largest police force, as she announced plans for a “wholesale of culture and standards” aimed at rebuilding public trust.

The commissioner also announced an “in-depth, searching and rigorous review” of the parliamentary and diplomatic order of power after David Carrick, an officer in the order, charged with rape on Sunday. Wayne Couzens, the Met officer who was last week sentence to life imprisonment for the abduction, rape and murder of Sarah Everard in March, worked for the same order.

However, Labor MP Yvette Cooper, who chairs the Home Affairs Committee, immediately criticized the plans as inadequate.

The charges against Carrick, by Hertfordshire Constabulary, contributed to the questions about Dick’s leadership of the power and his culture. This has already been reinforced by revelations about shortcomings in the investigation of Couzens and his shared misogynistic material with other officers. Couzens used his police ticket and handcuffs to carry out a false arrest to kidnap Everard.

The force received harsh criticism in March over its observed heavy-handed policing of a night vigil for Everard at Clapham Common, near where she was abducted. The power is also branded “Institutionally corrupt” in June by the head of the independent investigation into the 1987 murder of Daniel Morgan, a private investigator with ties to the police whose murder remains unsolved.

Harriet Harman, chairwoman of parliament’s human rights committee, called on Dick to resign last week, but she retained the public support of Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, and Priti Patel, secretary of the House, on both of his answers. . The Met said it was announcing the ‘important package of measures’ to review the power after talks between Dick, the mayor and the interior secretary.

The Met said on Monday that a ‘high-profile external figure’ would soon be appointed to do a ‘wholesale trade of culture and standards in the Met’ to regain public confidence.

“I absolutely recognize the serious level of public concern and the need to act urgently,” Dick said. “We all in the Met realize that it will take time to rebuild that trust, and we will work hard at it.”

Cooper wrote on Twitter that the planned review of power as a whole is not the same as an independent investigation by the government.

“The judge will ‘report’ to the ‘commissioner’ and ‘work’ together, ‘Cooper wrote. “In what way will they be independent?”

She added that action and improvements were needed, but the review did not go far enough.

The Met said the commissioner acknowledged specific concerns about culture and standards within the parliamentary and diplomatic protection commando, whose 950 officers and staff provided the armed guards for diplomatic missions and parliament.

“The public rightly expects the highest standards of officials throughout the Met, and that includes absolutely those who are accused of protecting the iconic sites of London and the seat of government,” the power said. “The commissioner is. . . announces an in-depth, searching and rigorous review focused on the order. “

The review will investigate whether there are ‘specific issues’ within the order, the force said.

“It will report on the broader oversight that will be led by our external appointment on the culture and standards of the entire Met,” he said.

An ‘external reference group’ will be appointed to provide ‘insight, challenge and support’ to the power, the Met added. A dedicated chief officer and team will be appointed to ensure that the “ambitious and challenging” reform program is delivered “in step”, the statement said.

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