Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Meta is moving away from its chronic (if Not absolute) Prohibition on cryptocurrency advertising. As CNBC ReportI have meta The end By adopting it, the number of regulatory licenses has been increased from three to 27. The crypto landscape has become “mature and stable” enough to justify a change of heart, the company says, with an increased amount of government control that sets “transparent responsibilities and” expectations. “

Advertisers still require written permission to run ads for cryptocurrency exchanges, lending and borrowing, Crypto mining Tools and wallets that allow you to buy, sell, share or exchange tokens. However, it opens the door to cryptocurrency trading that previously could not run an ad, not to mention investors who may not be familiar with the market.

It is not clear what additional factors played a role, but the timing is significant. David Marcus of Meter Crypto Overseas said he was Leaving the company. He spent almost two years launching the Meter Cryptovallet Novi, still successful Run small tests. The company’s in-house cryptocurrency, DayIt’s been a tough time অনুসরণ following regulatory objections and scale-back ambitions.

Meta is not necessarily admitting defeat in the egg. That project is run independently, after all. It can only reflect changing times. Although cryptocurrency can still be full of volatility and Regulatory uncertainty, The risk is now low enough that Meta is not worried about problematic sales pitch.

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