Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Meta, the company that was called Facebook at the start of the epidemic, has updated its office-to-office guidelines, removing its target date from the end of this month to March 28, CNBC Report. With the reopening schedule changes and inconsistent guidelines, one can only imagine how much whiplash the company’s employees must have felt.

For intelligence: In December 2020, CEO Mark Zuckerberg first To say Employees will not need to take a COVID-19 vaccine to return to work. At that point, the company project could go as far as remote work At least July 2021, although it later pushed for the office to open In May. In June, Zuckerberg passed away A new order: Either get permission from a manager to work from home, or expect to be in the office for at least half a week.

A month after the Delta variant arrived, Zuckerberg changed his position Vaccine requirements For employees, and the company is a new set The goal October for full reopening. It was in August of last year Push It returned to office in January 2022. As Omicron spreads rapidly this winter, Meta was quick to set its January 31 target, but gives some employees a choice. Delay Work in person for three to five months through an “Office Referral Program”. Incidentally, this new date of March 28 includes a new requirement that employees also receive the vaccine booster.

In the face of so much uncertainty, Meter has several tech peers, like Apples, Microsoft, Google, Uber And Docusain, Decided to postpone reopening indefinitely Facebook moderators embedded at the company’s Mountain View headquarters were scheduled to report for office-internal work on January 24 – a week earlier than full-time employees and without any alternative. Their contractors, Accenture, The opposite The decision came after widespread internal protests by workers.

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