Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Meta’s push for a More personal experience The company will initially take longer than expected. According to Per Guardian, Writes security chief Antigone Davis a Comment For Telegraph Warning that the default end-to-end encrypted messaging rollout on Facebook Messenger and Instagram was delayed “sometime in 2023”. The social media firm originally planned to take this step by 2022, but it wanted extra time to “get it right,” Davis said.

Additional privacy has already been enabled on WhatsApp, but Facebook Messenger and Instagram still require you to start an encrypted chat (“secret conversation” in Messenger). Meta, then Facebook, in 2019 began a broad push towards encryption and other privacy features.

Delays can be awkward times, at least in the UK. The country is enacting a protection law in 2023 that would require technology companies to prevent abuse and protect children. Although it is not necessary Encryption back doorThe current UK Home Secretary, Preity Zinta, is not ashamed to oppose default encryption – claiming it would “severely” limit law enforcement’s ability to track down criminals. Meta may be under pressure to change its plans while the law is in force.

Davis said the meta still has the ability to detect abuse through a combination of encrypted information and user reports. Delays can give the government time to reassure and close potential conflicts. Chat encryption does not fall into the immediate threat, but the long term adds some uncertainty.

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