Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Facebook has made it quite clear that it is focusing on Metaverse while re-branding itself Meta, And its latest acquisition is part of that effort. Jason Rubin, VP of Metaverse Content Company Published That is meta Acquisition Among them, the creator of the immersive virtual reality workout app Supernatural For the Oculus Quest headset. A representative for the interior described earlier Supernatural Per Engadget Part Kill Saber, Part Dance Dance Revolution, Part Guitar Hero With your whole body.

In an individual Announcement (Through TechCrunch), CEO Chris Milk and fitness head Leanne Pedante said its coaches, choreographers and managers will continue to be part of the team. They will work for the VR fitness experience Supernatural Independently under Meter Reality Labs. Although Weedin will have to answer for its new parent company, Milks and Pedant’s statement said the acquisition would give them access to more resources, including more music, more features and more social experience.

Inside Supernatural, You need to use your controller to hit the colorful orbs flying towards you from its various VR environments. If you hit with enough balls the balls will shatter, but if you don’t they will just float away – you will eventually score based on how you do it. Supernatural There’s a 30-day free trial period, after which you’ll be charged 19 per month for continued access.

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