Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Meta will crack more Potentially harmful advertising. New York Times Report Is meta Removal Starting January 19, 2022, there are options for noticing detailed ads for “thousands” of sensitive topics on Facebook, Instagram and other services. The move will block ads based on interactions with racial, health, political beliefs, religion and sexually oriented content. Hot-button problem.

This is a drastic step, and Meta was aware that it could harm some businesses and the use of positive advertising. However, VP Graham Mood says outgoing options can be a “negative experience for people in the missing group.” The Internet giant believes it can refine its advertising platform to serve everyone without compromising business connections.

The company is giving you more control over the ads you see In early 2022, you will have the option of seeing fewer ads linked to gambling, weight loss and other subtle topics. You can already limit the frequency of advertising for alcohol, parenting, pets and politics.

Strict advertising policy comes on the same day Meta’s latest transparency report And overall efforts to deal with Whistle blower Frances Hagen Complaints that the company is more interested in engagement and revenue than the welfare of its users. A 2020 Audit Conclusions fell short in efforts to combat discrimination, including meta-advertising. The firm removed thousands of sensitive ad targets in 2017 and 2018 (including auto-generated anti-Semitic sections), but there is clearly ongoing pressure to show that Meta can clean up its advertising business.

There will still be plenty of ad targets to meet, including location-based ads, custom visitors, and permission-based customer lists. However, it can easily force some marketers to reconsider their strategies. This can help reduce the number of exploitative ads, but it can also damage the relevance of the ads you see.

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