Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Shared by Facebook New statistics On the amount of bullying, hate speech and harassment on its platform. The company is facing growing scrutiny over the new numbers, the protection of meta users and the ability to adequately enforce its policies around the world, with the company’s latest quarterly transparency report.

In its latest report, the company shares the metrics for the first time Harassment and harassment On his platform. According to the company. The “circulation” of this type of content was between 0.14% -0.15% on Facebook and 0.05% -0.06% on Instagram. That means 14 to 15 views per 10,000 content views on Facebook and 5 to 6 views per 10,000 content views on Instagram, “the company said in a statement. Instagram in particular has been questioned about its ability to deal with bullying and harassment. The company has launched several new ones Anti-bullying The move comes after a number of UK football players learned details of their experiences earlier this year Racist abuse In the app

Importantly, the company notes that this “magnitude” metric only accounts for content removed from Facebook and Instagram without user reports. This means that statistics are only capturing a subset of all intimidating content, since it is not always easy for an automated system to detect intimidation and harassment.

That difference has been underscored by the publication on Facebook Papers, a team of documents published by former employee-turned-whistleblower Francis Haugen. According to documents shared by him, Facebook’s own researchers Guess That company is capable of dealing with about three to five percent of hate speech on its platform, which means the vast majority cannot be identified and users are allowed to contaminate news feeds.

Repeatedly on Facebook Pull back On these claims, and the “comprehensiveness” points to the statistics that it shares in its transparency report. But there are as researchers To mark, Can mask the actual amount of infringing content on the company’s own accounting “breadth” platform. This is because Facebook’s automated system is not always reliable, especially when it comes to language content detection Other than English. The revelations have provoked allegations that Facebook puts profits ahead of user safety.

“We have absolutely no incentive to do anything other than make sure people have a positive experience, be it commercial or otherwise,” Guy Rosen, the company’s VP of integrity, told reporters during a call on Tuesday. “It simply came to our notice then. We’re constantly refining how we rank to address these issues. “

In its latest report, Facebook reported that hate speech declined for the fourth quarter in a row, down from 0.05% in the previous quarter to 0.03% this quarter. The company also reported for the first time the spread of hate speech on Instagram, stating that hate speech was 0.02% or about 2 out of every 10,000 pieces of content viewed on its platform.

However, it should be noted that even the most optimistic take on these numbers – 0.03% and 0.02% for Facebook and Instagram, respectively – may still mean that millions of people are facing hate speech every day due to the huge number of users and content posts posted on the platform.

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