Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

The next time you pull over to Michigan, it could be by an cop in an electric SUV – at least if you have something to say about Ford. The American carmaker is expanding its Police Interceptor program, which modifies existing models for use by law enforcement, typically adding suspension, brakes and extra horsepower.

The company has come up with this idea Law enforcement agencies in the UK, While the city of Ann Arbor, MI already has two such cars. Friday, Ford has announced It will, in a nutshell, provide one of these Mustang Mach-E Interceptor prototype – which seems to be based Mach-E GT variant -Even to Michigan State Police, where it will go through real-world testing to see if EVs can handle the rigors of policing.

Ford hopes that “the pilot program will use testing as a benchmark when exploring purpose-oriented electric police vehicles in the future.” $ 30 billion multi-year investment In EV technology.

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