Microsoft delayed reopening its office at least in September

Microsoft is joining the chorus of tech companies Pressure to reopen their office COVID-19 epidemic potential wind up in late 2021. Edge There is Sure A Business Insider Report Microsoft has delayed a full reopening from July to at least September. A spokesman said the move was in response to ongoing consultations with health and information experts.

In an email addressed to staff, executive VP Kurt Delbine said it had given “extra flexibility” to staff making plans for the late summer. He added that if the situation in their office made it too risky to return, local office managers had the freedom to delay further.

The technical pioneer is currently in a “soft open” stage where a limited number of employees can return to individual work. By March, about 20 percent of Microsoft’s employees worldwide were back in office, including the Redmond and Seattle offices.

The delay acknowledges the uncertainty about the epidemic. While vaccines have spread rapidly and may make it safer for people working in the office, it is unclear whether enough people will be safe by July – and the emergence of a variety of rapidly infected viruses complicates matters. As it stands, Microsoft has already stated that it probably gives most people Work from home There is less pressure to reopen until the middle of the week than in the past

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