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Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to convert people into it The Edge web browser has rebooted, It is introducing a new kids mode that makes it easier for parents to control how their kids surf the web.

Kids Mode is a free alternative to Windows Edge built directly into Microsoft Edge. Enabling this is as easy as navigating to the user profile menu in the top right corner of the browser and selecting “Browse in kid mode”. Parents have a choice between two versions, one for five to eight year olds and one for nine to 12 year olds. Both enable Edge and Bing by default to filter adult text, images and videos from search results with a strict level of tracking resistance in SafeSearch. The only difference between the two age ranges is the inclusion of a newsfeed with MSN’s curated articles for kids between adults. Don’t worry though: it emphasizes fun science and animal-related information such as breaking news and more kid-friendly than politics, Microsoft said.

Kids mode limits what kids have access to on the site, with approximately 70 popular kids sites being allowed to visit (any additional permissible sites must be added to the list individually). If a child tries to visit a site that is not on that list, they will be met with an ugly block page pictured below, asking their adults for permission.

The image in the article titled Microsoft Edge adds a kids mode for parents concerned with their shared devices.

Fig: Microsoft

Inside A blog post Announcing the news on Thursday, Microsoft’s corporate VP Liat Ben-Zur called Kids Mode a “game-changer for parents who face all the demands of life today.” Microsoft has made it possible for parents to intentionally add and remove sites as permitted as conveniently as possible so that they can have peace of mind when using shared devices.

Microsoft also addressed a program that kids could use to get away from these systems. Kids Mode prevents popular Windows keyboard shortcuts from allowing users to simply exit the browser and open a new one, Edge report.

More than anything else, Microsoft has designed Kids Mode with its younger users in mind, Ben-Zur said.

“[I]T became clear that the best way to prevent kids from trying to leave is to want them to stay. In other words, we set out to create a more engaging environment than any child can apply for web browsing. ”

So, as you can see in the screenshot above, Microsoft’s visual designers took lots of bright colors and silly characters to create a children’s browsing experience. It has added the option to customize the look of the browser so that kids can become creative and choose a layout that is easy to navigate.

To get the browser back to normal, an adult must enter their Windows or MacOS certificates.

Kids mode is one of them Several new features Microsoft said on Thursday that it is launching this month for Edge. So if you have already converted to an Edge, keep an eye on it Future coverage

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