Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Microsoft is starting 2022 with a flashback Y2K bug. Blipping computer Report There are companies Release Breaking Email Delivery for On-Premises Exchange 2016 and 2019 Server on New Year’s Day is a temporary solution to a bug. As users have discovered, Exchange is trying to save version date checks for its antivirus scanning engine in a 32-bit integer variable – a big problem when any date after January 1, 2022 was too big. A new check malware engine crashes and leaves emails stuck in a queue.

Emergency Fix uses a PowerShell script to interrupt two services, replaces old antivirus engine files with new ones that use a new number sequence and resumes operations. The solution requires manual input and may take a long time to implement for large companies, but an automated solution is in development.

This should not affect other exchange customers. The timing is also ‘ideal’ due to the limited demand for email over the weekend. The company’s IT managers probably didn’t want to launch 2022 patching servers, and it’s not clear why Microsoft didn’t anticipate a date issue with the software, which was released just a few years ago. Whatever the reasoning, it serves as a clear lesson in predicting date bugs.

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