Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Microsoft is not ready to back down Major design changes for Windows 11 Still, but at least it’s testing a few new ways to customize the OS With the latest Windows 11 Insider build (22509), you can show the two more pinned apps, or more recommended apps and files in the newly created Start menu in addition to the balanced default mode. That’s not a return Windows 10 Start Menu That’s something hard for the user to claim, and really, it’s unlikely Microsoft will ever be flexible. Windows 11 prioritizes minimalism, and a busy start menu filled with all your apps doesn’t really fit that mold.


Among other changes, the Insider build will bring back the date and clock in the taskbar on the Additional Monitor screen, which was inexplicably deleted in Windows 11. Microsoft notes that tweaks will not appear for every insider user, oddly enough. It’s a shame that Microsoft isn’t looking for more ways to customize the taskbar – losing the window label has made my desktop cleaner, but more difficult to navigate than Windows 10.

The new Windows 11 Insider build will make it easier to use the Edge web browser when using Microsoft’s built-in screen reader narrator. You can expect to see more options from the Aging Control Panel and in the Cleaner Settings app. These include advanced sharing settings, such as network discovery and file / printer sharing. You’ll find more details about your printer and scanner in the Settings app.

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