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Microsoft and Sony are fighting to meet demand Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. While Sony plans to continue production of the PlayStation 4 for the time being to make up for the current generation of consoles, the Xbox One is no more.

We Learned in July 2020 Microsoft shut down the Xbox One X and Xbox One S digital versions at the time. Now, it appears the company has quietly stopped making Xbox One S. Even towards the end of that year. Cindy Walker, Senior Director of Console Product Marketing at Xbox, said: “In order to focus on production of the Xbox Series X / S, we have discontinued production of all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020.” Edge.

Looks like the strategy paid off. Xbox chief Phil Spencer said New York Times This week Microsoft has sold more Series X and Series S in their lifetime than at any previous Xbox generation, although it has not released actual sales figures. Daniel Ahmed, an analyst at Niko Partners Says It will hold more than 12 million units of Series X / S.

Although the more powerful Series X usually sells out a few minutes after each stock drop (it doesn’t help that scalpers are using bots to snap them), the Series S isn’t hard to come by right now. It is available for purchase from retailers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada at the time of writing Amazon, Good shopping, Gamestop And Walmart. Given that the Series ST Xbox One can handle everything it can do – except play discs – it doesn’t make a ton of money for Microsoft to build that console.

This is a slightly different story for Sony. Save for Disk Drive, there is no difference between the two PS5 models. Given the high demand (Sony sold 13.4 million units by October 2021) And the ongoing supply chain crisis, making it harder for most people to score on one of those consoles than a Series S at the moment. That is what Sony said Bloomberg On Wednesday it will continue to build the PS4 in 2022 (which uses less advanced components than the PS5), although the console was planned to close last year. The company is expected to make about one million PS4 units this year.

Sony had previously suggested that it would support the PS4 Through 2024. Several of its first-party exclusives are coming to current- and previous-gen consoles this year, including Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 And God of War Ragnarök.

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