Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Microsoft seems to be deleting Windows 11 changes that make it difficult to change default browsers, according to a report EdgeTom Warren. A new Insider build now lets you switch from Edge to Chrome, Firefox or other browsers with a single button, instead of working by default for each type of link.

The change only applies to internal links loaded outside the browser. Currently, when you click on such a link, it opens a dialog box that gives you the option to change the browser, but your choice will not be maintained unless you tick the “Always use this app” box. Worst of all, you need to set the default for multiple types of web files, including HTM, HTML, HTTP and HTTPS. Each time, a confusing nag box pops up asking you to re-confirm your choice.

In the recent build, you can set your default browser with a single button as EarTrumpet app developer Rafael Rivara Noted “In Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509, released on Dave Channel on Wednesday, we’ve eased Windows Insider’s ability to set ‘default browsers’ in apps registered for HTTP :, HTTPS :, .HTM, and .html অ Microsoft’s VP Aaron Woodman says Edge.

Soon after the release of Windows 11, Microsoft Says It has made changes to give users more granular control This led to complaints from rival browser makers, including Brave, Opera, Firefox and Chrome. “We condemn this Windows 11 approach, because the choice of a default browser has a lot of implications for the person and their privacy. Users should be free to choose,” said a bold spokesman. Edge.

Microsoft has had some serious mistrust issues with its browsers in the past, hit by the EU 730 million fine Browser choice in 2013 for non-compliance. The EU has also fined the company 35 1.35 billion On a similar issue in 2008. The new feature is currently being piloted, but it is unclear when it will be released.

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