Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

And Facebook’s parent company Has teamed up to consolidate And . Companies that use both platforms can try to integrate at no extra cost. Through a pinned tab on teams, staff can Access workplace contentIncludes a compact version of the workspace news feed without switching between applications. They can also respond and comment on workplace posts across teams.

Starting next year, Companies will be able to stream team meetings in workplace groups For example, you can view meetings and events in both apps or check a recording later at work.

Meta and Microsoft have previously integrated their enterprise and productivity products on other fronts. Tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint are already available in the workplace, such as SharePoint and OneDrive. The workspace is also integrated into the Azure Active Directory.

In addition, Meta Teams will be available on meta portal products in December. People will be able to use devices for team video calls.

Focus on the given meta Metaverse And how his vision of virtual reality , It would not be surprising to see a Microsoft team integration . Recently meta After all, Quest 2.

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