Microsoft: Timeline stays in Windows 10, but doesn’t sync Shows A post on the Windows blog today About the new beta version of Windows 10, including the removal of a curiosity feature among the bullet points listed.

If your activity history is synced between your devices via your Microsoft account (MSA), you will no longer have the option to upload new activity to the timeline. AAD-linked accounts will not be affected. To view web history, Edge and other browsers have the option to look back at recent web activity. You can also view recently used files using OneDrive and Office.

Microsoft made it clear after updating the post that the timeline and related activity history will still be a part of Windows 10, but if you use a Microsoft account, it will only be available locally on that machine. What is behind the change is not entirely clear, but as it is Thurt As mentioned, Android also lost syncing late last year after killing its promoter on the Microsoft platform, so the potential Destiny Stays high.

If you are not in the Insider Beta program, A Microsoft support page Mentioned that cross-device syncing will go away for you in June, so anyone who uses it may be ready in a few months. There was a timeline Microsoft’s Fall 2018 Update “Star” for Windows 10 (After a delay it is pulled out of the previous manufacturers update) and it will still be Remember what you did, It will not just store that information in the cloud.

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