Microsoft Xbox Party is examining chat accessibility features

There is Microsoft Announced Speech synthesis is coming from that speech transcript and text Xbox Party Chat, Starting today for Xbox Insiders. The new features will make it easier for players to participate in party chats with hearing or speech difficulties and are part of an Xbox initiative to improve accessibility.

Both features are available in the “Ease of Access” tab under “Games and Chat Transcription”. With speech-to-text transcription, words spoken at a party are converted into text displayed in overlays as described above. With text-to-speech enabled, anything you type in a party text chat will be prepared by synthetic voice in the rest of the party by choosing multiple voices per language.

Both speech-to-text and text-to-speech are available for in-game transcription Since 2017. At the time, Microsoft was the first real-time chat transcription service to be an effective console manufacturer. As an in-game transcription, the chat version of the party is primarily designed for accessibility, but can be used if you do not want to listen to audio or have difficulty understanding someone.

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