Microsoft’s latest whiteboard makes it easy to mix home and office tasks

Microsoft has launched one New version His Whiteboard app For Microsoft 365, with features designed to better collaborate whether people are working from the office or from home. It has also updated its Teams, Fluid Components and Viva applications to make them work better for both hybrid remote and office-based workplaces.

As before, the whiteboard works like any physical whiteboard, allowing you to draw, delete and attach sticky notes. You can type, add and manipulate images to enhance the presentation. With the latest version, Microsoft is focusing on guided collaboration as well as new content types, a new UI and expanded Microsoft 365 integration.

To that end, Microsoft launched a “collaboration cursor” that could help remote users see what others were doing on the whiteboard. And just like any physical whiteboard has a new laser pointer that helps you focus on key concepts. The latest version also offers templates to help you get started with presentations, as well as the “Follow With” feature to guide users through the concept.


Instead of just eating ink like before, you can combine shapes, lines, text and ink to create “collaborative diagrams”. Another new ability, “Insert Images and Documents” allows you to attach, annotate and replicate ideas across a variety of content. You can respond to different ideas with new stickers and use “liquid elements” to bring elements like tables or task lists.

Microsoft has redesigned UIT using the new Fluid Tools Fluent design language It was launched in 2017. devices It provides a unified integrated user experience across devices, operating systems and platforms. It provides you with pre-built content from a built-in gallery that works in the shape of a Surface Hub and on small devices like smartphones.

He is one of the main competitors of Microsoft in this space Horn, Which creates collaboration tools like its own whiteboard. As it happens, Claxons made a revision yesterday for its own Whiteboard Collaboration product, with a similar emphasis on hybrid work / home workplaces as TechCrunch Report.

Microsoft's latest whiteboard simplifies the mix of home and office work


Microsoft also emphasizes the hybrid work environment, including the latest version of the team, “We are focused on building experience in teams that are designed to ensure that all voices can be heard, including those not sitting at home.”

To that end, Microsoft has integrated its Viva employee experience platform into teams. What this app will do is help employees set schedules where they can work seamlessly with team notifications, and even use the Viva Insights app to practice guided meditation and mindfulness. If it sounds familiar, Amazon Recently installed “Zenboth” meditation kiosks to help additional staff in distress.

Microsoft has announced that it is expanding fluid components for Teams Meeting, One Note and Outlook to make collaboration in applications easier. It is introducing new chat features, message pinning and more in an effort to develop collaborations across multiple projects. Finally, Microsoft says it will “make interactions feel more natural and roll out” front rows “in team rooms to make greater sense of the room’s connection to remote participants. Most of these features are available from today, but the front row will continue year after year.

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