Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Microsoft wasn’t just engaging in deliberate thinking when it said it wanted to More third party app stores Inside Of Windows 11 Portal. Edge Comments The new Microsoft Store Policy Now allow third party storefront apps. And no, Amazon’s Appstore isn’t the only partner to ship – the Epic Games Store is also coming to the Microsoft Store “in the next few months”. As promised, Microsoft will not claim a share of the revenue from these stores.

The company’s loose policies on competing browsers (which now allow browsers with non-Microsoft engines) are also paying dividends. Opera And the Yandex browser is coming to the Microsoft Store to give Edge’s alternative. If your first persuasion is to download Chrome or Firefox, these additions won’t help much, but they do suggest that Microsoft is open to at least some competition in its own stores.

Not to mention Steam, GeoG or other well-known apps and game stores. It is also not surprising that Epic is an early receiver. It’s one Voice opponent Apple’s App Store policy and is committed to offering Epic Games Store wherever possible. Microsoft is surprisingly taking advantage of this. It could pitch the Windows 11 Store as an open source alternative to Apple’s Mac App Store, even if Mac users have no problem accessing EGS and other storefront.

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