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Pictures for this permanent air conditioner cool cool headline article will make me miss working from home

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In my therapist’s office, there is a small portable AC. It’s a loud humming, little monster crying at me from one foot away. I have addressed this by expressing my concern. It is actually cathartic at 45 minute intervals. But for my work-to-home epidemic setup, this kind of epidemic is unstable. My apartment had an air conditioner short and I was looking for a quiet, yet powerful, portable AC solution.

My living room office friend roommate took a lot of calls, and we needed a living room AC. Usually powerful air conditioners sound like my therapist, but that level of noise won’t work for the home office. So when I had the opportunity to review the Midea Duo air conditioner, we were pleasantly surprised to see the subtle, quiet senses emanating from such a powerful machine.

The unique feature of the Midea Duo is that it is housed inside an unusually wide and heavy accordion air pipe, with a hose design with dual chambers. One brings fresh air, and the other expels hot air. Entering an impressive 12,000-14,000 BTU / h, it flies 26 feet away and cools 450 square feet of space.

And it gets Cold

An easy-to-use AC with many controls

Midea’s cleverness is the U-shaped window unit, which we Previously reviewed, Seemed like a difficult option, but the Midea Duo black monolith was my only living room option because of the window-flash bars on the first floor. The window installation was somewhat frustrating with the Duo’s array of insulators, sliders and air dividers. I’ll notice here that I’m a frustrated, easily frustrated person when it comes to putting things together, as demonstrated by my zigzag Ikea furniture. But no drills are needed, so I shouldn’t complain. Similarly, a 32.4 by 19.5 by 16.7-inch, 72-pound AC should be easy to move, maybe not for me, with the energy “power” on top of my rapidly declining body.

I also do this thing where I hesitate to fix things that seem off. Instead, I accept some pain, discomfort, and specialization. For example, the Midea Duo came with a slightly zigzag vent that required even a confident, hard yank even out. At first, I didn’t yanke. I pushed slowly. I prodded. I became obsessed with this “design flaw”. Finally, I yanked. It’s flush, it’s pivots, and it’s dubbed Midea as the “immersive” clawial Cooling.

Do you type buttons? Remote type? App type? The Midea Duo got all three, increasing the level of complexity. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant, but I don’t use them because they’re scary. In particular, the app is quite nifty for the purpose of “sinking” to manage the cool breeze in my C.Here is the living room arch from the rotation path of the house. The whole living room is usually equally cool, but sometimes you need to feel a reassuring air.

Midea Duo is powerful, relatively quiet and that kind of AC fits in with my window placement options. That’s good. There is rare, small rubbish, because my only functional living room window looks directly at the rubbish. I can’t do anything about it. Not the fault of the media. Usually fragrant.

Although Midea claims that the unit is storing energy, it does not actually report how much energy it uses. All I know is that my roommate and I were stuck in a circus act all day about which outlet to use so that it doesn’t blow out the fuse. (I will note here that we often have an exceptional amount of electronic equipment in an older building.) The shared utility bill jumped significantly, as expected.

Why would I miss this thing

Maybe it’s my fault for keeping so much ice. Duo just didn’t let my brain explode The warmest month in history (Although I’ve turned it off with a New York phone alert explosion suggestion), the cold helps me concentrate.

I’ve been pretty attached to this AC and had to give it up when I came back to the office recently. As bits. And to claim a desk by the window, since they moved our office again. I … came back. There are very few of us in the conventional handful here and I can only give the excuse of this strange behavior that the crisis-level need is for occasional work / home separation, even if it leaves my Media Duo and other home office needs for some time.

This unit has conditioned me with the ability to correct words and feelings. In the office, I am powerless. The ominous hum of the centrally controlled AC is pronounced in places where I can’t No. Listen it has a faint, stale, dystopic vent scent. The temperature and anyone who controls it seems indifferent to my existence.

Near the end of summer, but the climate doesn’t change, so those who have the option to work from home still have time to enjoy what Media Duo has to offer. Just make sure the vent is straight.

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