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Netflix's Midnight Month promotional poster is an illustration of the main character, with a Hamish Linkletter above them and a church on the right.

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Netflix’s Midnight mass There was a deep personal story for the creator Mike Flanagan. His success in becoming fresh Hunting Dualji, The new ghost series represents an opportunity to explore his past as a Roman Catholic and explore the terror that comes from religion and faith. In a pair of new features, Flanagan and executive producer Trevor Massey happily dug into the development of the show.

More common in the two videos is how Flanagan told the show about his past, especially since Jack Gilford’s character is fairly clear about Riley. “In those days when I drank, there were times when I felt the consequences wouldn’t apply to me,” he said. But for Riley, those consequences are too much Did, And the show sees him deal with that trauma when he returns to his hometown of Cricket Island. If that’s not bad enough, the sudden presence of the wandering priest, Father Paul (Hamish Linklater), could do more harm than good to the city.

Messi added, “Faith is a sign of who you are, and what you fear. Focusing on going through a religious revival in an isolated city, the pair wanted to explore both aspects of faith.” It’s a story of community death, “Flanagan said. Going further, he called what the Crocodiles were going through in the series a “corruption” in their belief system that slowly spread to overwhelm everyone on the island. , And the latter described it as the show’s policy: “Ask questions, don’t answer. Luckily, those questions stick with the audience … and the living hell is scared of them. After all, it’s a Mike Flanagan show.

And speaking of fear …

Mike Flanagan talks Midnight Mass' Catholic influence and its biggest mystery Picture of the article in the title

The big mystery around Midnight mass’ Something in the first half Things Shortly after Father Paul arrived in the city, Cricket took over the island. In episodes three and four, it is revealed in all its glory: a vampire, who believes Paul to be an angel, and whose blood he soon begins to drink the rest of the city during contact. Why vampires? You can thank the Catholic Church and Bram Stoker for this. “Parallel to drinking the blood of Jesus and what I was reading Dracula It was inevitable, ”Flanagan admitted.

Where there is a more recent explanation of the vampire lord Was depressed Or just sexy, Flanagan and wanted to avoid Messi. Flanagan called it “ugly” and Massey added that while it was smart enough to drink the blood of others, there were no long-term plans for the winged beast.

When it comes to making angels, Flanagan and Messi both knew they wanted to make as much practical impact as possible. “The more practical you can be, the more the audience will feel,” Massey said. VFX was mainly used for handling wings, which was real, but incredibly heavy and difficult for dolls. But the overall effect is that they are proud and want to pack an impact.

Midnight mass Now available on Netflix.

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