Mipets Haunted Mansion Halloween Special Disney +, Guided Park Tour

It's halfway through Uncle Deadley's favorite time of the year.

It’s halfway through Uncle Deadley’s favorite time of the year.
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I’m not 100% Sure why Muppets We are “half Halloween”They created a hashtag for it [Editor’s Note: Excuse you, some of us are excited about the Best Holiday. – Jill P.], But I’m glad to hear that Kermit and Gang just don’t do the new Disney + premiere Near special holidays, but There is something special to see at this moment.

This fall the Disney + special is titled “Muppets.” Haunted landlord, “ Focused around Long term Disneyland attractions Same name – it’s already A Too bad There is a 2003 film starring Eddie Murphy and a new one Work adaptation. Hopefully the special will get better, but even if it doesn’t, at least these promotions make Pep shrimp, Too bad Muppet, Look like He dope that:

A press release said, “The brand new special will feature the Star-studded Muppets cast, celebrity camos, all-new music and fun features for families to enjoy together. Muppets Haunted Mansion Halloween happens at night, when Ganjo challenges you to spend a very brave night in the most horrible place in the world … in a haunted mansion. “

But this is not the end! More vague but purposefully better Muppet, Uncle is deadly, Offer to take you on a trip and behind the scenes at Disney Amusement Parks around the world. This means you get a series of YouTube videos of your choice where Uncle will fatally ignore you completely after the introduction, but it’s still a good time. It features haunted mansions from Disneyland and Disney World, as well as Hong Kong. Disneyland’s Mystic Manor (which is great “Music Dust”Effect) and Disneyland Paris’s Phantom Mono (which just looks absolutely amazing):

I don’t really know why Disney is pushing for a big marketing for spooky content in early May, but it’s effective; I want to go to Disneyland Paris right away. Also, a Muppets “Horror” special new territory that could be very good. Maybe, if we were lucky, Pepe could be boiled alive?

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