Mirror Ore hits record highs because products continue to grow

The Iron ore price The commodity market, which has gone into overdrive in recent weeks as it recovers from the macroeconomic epidemic, rose to a record high on Monday in the latest signs of graduation.

An important source of income for the mining industry, the steel-making component rose 8.5 percent to a record high of about 0 230 per tonne. Strong demand from China Mills have cranked production.

Other commodities, including copper, also gained sharply, reaching a record high of, 10,747 a ton before profits were cut. This is part of a broader part of the rise in raw material prices over the course of more than a year and it discusses another supersycle – this is the protracted period where prices are above the long term trend.

The The price of wood A record also topped as U.S. cycles struggled to increase demand compared to run-ups during the summer home building season.

“All commodity demand signals are firing on product graduates in a coherent recovery in the world’s economic powerhouses,” said Bert Melek, head of product strategy at TD Securities.

Strong demand from China, the world’s largest consumer of commodities, international spending on post-epidemic recovery programs, supply disruptions and the rise in prices of large betting products on the passage of green energy explain.

Commodities have also risen through the weak U.S. dollar, and investors have taken steps to stock up on assets that could act as a hedge against inflation.

The S&P GSCI spot index rose 26 percent this year, tracking the movement of 24 raw material prices.

Citigroup said strong investor demand pushed assets held by fund managers to a new record of $ 648bn in April. All sectors saw monthly gains with agriculture and precious metals, the bank said.

Agricultural products have a particularly strong run due to growing Chinese demand and concerns about a drought in Brazil. Dryness in the United States, where planting is underway for this year, is also adding to the ward price rise. Corn, which is trading at 7. 16.22 a bushel of 7.60 a bushel and soybean abe, is at an unprecedented level since 2013.

“Strong demand from a macroeconomic environment and production concerns are the ingredients for the super cycle,” said Dave Whitcomb of product expert Peak Trading Research. “

The rise in copper and iron ore prices is a boon for the big miners, who have a record of income that will surpass the record set by China-driven commodity growth in the early 2000s.

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JPMorgan considers Rio Tinto and BHP will be the largest share dividend payer in Europe this year, paying about ৪ 40 billion to shareholders. Shares in Rio, the world’s largest iron ore producer, hit a record high of 67 67 on Monday.

Brent crude, international oil standards, have come back up
Towards $ 70 per barrel which was surpassed for the first time in March
For more than a year, the highway was lost and the place to recover was lost
The demand for crude and rolled market has decreased.

Supply cuts from top oil producers have helped strengthen the market
As the worldwide receptive recovery has begun.

While some Wall Street banks have praised the launch of a new super cycle, some traders are talking about a return to 100 a barrel of oil, while others are less confident. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said that the supply of oil is still high, which means that any talks on supersyx are premature.

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